The Process:


Download and sign the release form below. Photos and testimonies will be posted on the website, on our social media and in print and gallery settings. 

How can you participate?

1. Email us with a signed submission form at and let us know you are interested in participating.


2. Really connect with the testimony. Writing forces you to check in with yourself, it forces you, community caretaker, house maker, mother, worker, world saver, to carve out precious time to focus on yourself. Don't hurry or rush. The main idea is to unapologize for something. Sometimes you will start with an idea and your heart will drive you in another direction. Sometimes women will submit a recap of what they're up to, but there is no unapology. Sometimes you discover that the act of writing about yourself brings up other memories, pains, losses that you've chosen to forget, but need your attention. Don't put the pen down.  The writing is soul work.  Sometimes women submit something after thinking about it for 2 weeks, other times women have something they needed to get off their chest for years, so it takes them 15 seconds. This is important and necessary self-care, take it seriously. Send us your testimony of what you no longer or refuse to apologize for. 


2. After you submit your testimony, Tracey will call you and speak with you about where and how you’d like to be photographed as your most unapologetic self. All portraits and testimonies will be shared online, through social media, and eventually in a book. The sharing is the most liberating part of the process. 


3. Love yourself and be yourself completely and totally all the time. Apologize for nothing.

Food for thought: Women's liberation is personal and political at the same time. How do we begin to use our own liberation to connect with other women, to build institutions that connect women, that serve them so they can feed their children, have honorable work, enjoy their lives, be free from intimidation, contribute to the well being of society and ultimately turn back the tides of fascism that are engulfing our communities, our country, our world? 


At this time, Tracey can only take your portrait if you are in the metro New York area. If you want to share your story, but it’s too far for us to connect at this moment, please take your camera phone, point it at yourself, and declare, “I’m not sorry for……” Tag us on Instagram with these hashtags: #unapologetic, #unapologetic_women, #unapologeticwomen, #weunapologetic. Post on our FB page and share with us on Twitter.

 If you’re not comfortable with sharing your story and being photographed, you can still read about other women’s stories and be inspired by their voices! Stories will be updated on a regular basis, and we’ll be hosting and collaborating with other organizations in other ways,  so check the web page and our social media channels often!

Keep your eyes peeled for The UnApologetic Podcast, coming in Jan 2020. 

*Portraits and testimony will be used shared publicly on as well as in print and in gallery settings. Before participation, you must sign a release. DOWNLOAD RELEASE FORM HERE.

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