Asha Etchison


I'm not sorry for loving myself completely, fearlessly, and openly even when you were unable to. I am not sorry for believing unrelentlessly in my own hopes, wishes, and dreams. For knowing that I am capable of working hard and actively creating the life that I desire. I am not sorry for demanding respect, pointing out your inappropriate behavior, or speaking to you in formal tones that sound cold from 'such a pretty mouth'. I do not exist for your gaze or fantasy. Your imaginary standards and limitations have no power over me. I am not sorry for putting myself first. For trusting my intuition. For not making excuses for your inadequacy. For understanding that I deserve the best in all areas of my life and leaving when the best is not offered. I am not sorry for being capable, for being healthy, for being independent, for knowing what I want and demanding nothing less. For not needing your approval, your assistance, or even you. I will NEVER be sorry for seemingly being too much or too little for something or someone, as I know without a doubt that I am ALWAYS just enough for myself.


About the photo:

I chose to be photographed for Unapologetic because I felt as though my voice needed a visual representation that could speak without words to various other women. As an artist, I asked for a capture in double exposure to show the dual perception of who I am, versus, who the outside world may perceive me to be. This contrast of my true self, peeking through from within the outer constructed image of my worldly identity, has shaped my testimony of 'Not being sorry' to carry tones of not only professional defiance but also the careful boundaries placed in my close relationships and myself.

I'm not sorry for knowing who I am.